What is Raw Honey?

All of our honey is raw - it is just as the bees created it! There are no additives, and the honey is not heated-treated or pasteurized. This is important because most honey sold in stores is heated to temperatures above 160F, and then forced through paper and clay filters. While this produces clear honey, it also destroys the special attributes that make honey a miracle food.

Our method at Hosey Honey is to simply strain our honey through a fine screen, then bottle it in glass, thus keeping the wholeness and integrity intact. One of the special attributes of honey is that bacteria cannot grow in it, so honey is a naturally safe food. Raw honey may crystallize after several months, but sunlight or warm water can reliquify the honey.

Many articles and books have been written on the benefits of using raw honey for allergies and other ailments. Since local, minimally processed honey retains its natural pollen content, it is preferred by people who use honey to counteract allergies.

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